King Tutankhamun Finally Gets CT Scan Approved by Insurance

Valley of the Kings, EGYPT – Exciting news emerged this week as it was revealed that a large insurance company finally approved a CT scan ordered for King Tutankhamun millenniums ago. The only problem is King Tut has now been dead for about 3,300 years. White Coat Weekly caught up with John Sphinx, a spokesperson from the unnamed insurance company.

“These things just take time, you know? We do the best we can to approve all necessary diagnostic testing,” said Sphinx. According to records, King Tut began the prior authorization process when he was just a teenager following a highly-publicized chariot accident. King Tut died a few years later, but the insurance company did not give up on him.

“I’d say the strongest attribute of insurance companies is that we always put our patients’ needs first and don’t worry as much about our bottom line. We did everything we could for King Tut for literally millenniums,” Sphinx said. “Today, we finally came through. We are counting this as a victory.”

According to officials, the decision is still being made as to whether or not King Tut will be excavated to undergo the scan. Dr. Linda Stronson, one of the leading physicians on the case, is in favor of performing the scan. “Now that it’s approved, we might as well get it done. Just to make sure we aren’t missing anything,” she said.

The insurance company says they are also on the verge of approving a chemotherapeutic regimen for Queen Mary I of England, who died of supposed ovarian cancer 500 years ago. Next, they plan to again review a prior authorization request for Ghengis Khan’s Brain MRI.

White Coat Weekly would like to thank those involved with this interesting story. We will continue to follow.

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