BREAKING: Neurosurgeon Suddenly Retires Mid-Operation

Chicago, IL – Operating room staff members at a local hospital were left shocked yesterday when long-time neurosurgeon Dr. Hank Sickothis suddenly retired in the middle of a complex operation. Per report, he was in the process of exposing a basilar artery aneurysm when he made the decision.

“It was really strange. He looked in and saw the aneurysm, cursed to himself, and then suddenly stopped working,” said Mike Hansen, a scrub nurse at the time. “He then set down his instruments, took off his glasses and gloves, and told us he was done!” Hansen said he thinks he heard Dr. Sickothis yell ‘YES! FREEDOM!’ as soon as the operating room doors closed behind him.

“I always said I would retire when it just wasn’t fun anymore,” Dr. Sickothis told White Coat Weekly. “When I got in there and saw the aneurysm, it was one of the least fun moments of my life. I wanted nothing to do with it.” Sickothis said he took the lack of fun as a sign that it was his time to retire and promptly did so without hesitation.

When I got in there and saw the aneurysm, it was one of the least fun moments of my life.

Dr. Hank Sickothis

Dr. Sandra Fullerton, Sickothis’s partner, was immediately paged to finish the case. “You know, I get it,” she said, “I hope when my time comes and I’m not having fun anymore, I will seize the opportunity as well.” She says she didn’t mind coming to finish the case since she literally lives at the hospital anyway. Seriously, she lives there. Like has her own room and all.

White Coat Weekly also received report of a family practitioner also trying to retire in similar fashion. However, she said she is scared EPIC will hunt her down if she promptly retires and doesn’t finish all of her notes first.

White Coat Weekly would like to thank everyone involved with this interesting story. We will now sign off, but feel free to contact us with further questions.

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