Match Day Update: Orthopedic Surgery Applicant Matches With Some Girl Named Jennifer Instead

San Francisco, CA – Match Day 2019, where 4th year medical students learn their residency training fate, occured about a month ago. Orthopedic surgery is notoriously one of the most competitive fields out there, and for one applicant it turned out a little differently than he was expecting.

“I opened up my Match envelope expecting to see the name of a place like Duke, The Mayo Clinic, or Hospital for Special Surgery or something,” Chad Kyle, a cookie-cutter applicant for orthopedic surgery in every single way, told White Coat Weekly. “Instead it just said Jennifer.”

The NRMP, the organization in charge of The Match, has often been criticized for the process being somewhat of a mess. In an effort to repair their public image, they have tried to mitigate the harsh reality many students face of not matching. “We decided to partner with Tinder this year. For everyone who doesn’t match, we automatically upload their data into the app and it tries to match them with someone. Of course it has to be mutual, so Jennifer must think Mr. Kyle is a real catch.” The NRMP said they take so much of students’ money, they feel they need to offer some form of compensation.

We got ahold of Chad Kyle’s profile that was uploaded to the dating app and we aren’t surprised Jennifer was interested. I mean, even we are interested. The highlights include:

  • Tattoo of 269 Step 1 score on chest
  • Bench press > Step 1 score
  • Wears size Smedium scrubs
  • Can make a bro joke out of anything, bro

The Match says next year they will also pair with ZipRecruiter to offer more matching options. White Coat Weekly would like to thank everyone involved for this interesting case. We will continue to follow.

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