“This RN” is Tired of Being Confused With “That RN”

Chicago, IL – Jennifer This has been working in the cardiac unit as a nurse at So & So Regional Medical Center for over a decade. However, she’s recently become very frustrated ever since Jennifer That showed up.

“When this new RN named Jennifer That started working in the pulmonary unit, I thought it would be so much fun to have another Jennifer around. I can’t believe I was the only one here for so long!” Jennifer This said. “But she started calling herself “This RN” in her notes and I’m wondering why she’d do that since that’s MY name, not hers! Now everyone who reads nursing notes is all confused. They think she’s Jennifer This, RN, but I’m Jennifer This, RN! It’s so annoying!”

We caught up with Jennifer That, RN, and asked for her take. “In my notes I call myself ‘This RN’ so people know it’s not THAT Jennifer, you know? It’s me, Jennifer That. So I just write, like, for example, ‘This RN asked patient if he wanted cookies. He said no thanks but please bring more Dilaudid.’ You know, like that! Or maybe ‘This RN changed patient’s brief. He has a rash. This RN called a resident. No response. This RN paged attending. No response.’ It’s so much easier!”

Some of her colleagues seem to agree. Guillermo Kutzem, a twelfth-year neurosurgery resident, said it’s a such a good idea, it inspired him to do something similar. “I now call myself ‘This MD’ in all of my operative dictations. ‘This MD carefully retracted the dura to reveal the tumor below.’ It almost makes me feel more God-like. I love it.”

When asked about potential confusion, he said, “Well, there’s this OB-GYN, Jason This, and you might think it’d be confusing. But nobody ever thinks he’s doing my cases… let’s be real here, we are operating on different cervical areas!”

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