Radiologist Fixes Broken Bone Using Photoshop

Rochester, MN – It has long been known that radiologists aren’t often on the front lines of medicine doing chest compressions or performing urgent surgeries. In fact, many people wonder if radiologists are even doctors at all. However, one radiologist, Dr. Dar Kroom, is doing everything he can to change that. This week he fixed a broken rib that was protruding through the skin using photoshop as he was reading a chest x-ray.

“I just got to thinking I spend so much time looking at these images, why not try and fix one every now and then?” said Dr. Kroom. “It’s actually really simple, I just pull up the image in Photoshop instead of my imaging software and then I can color things in and move them around while I’m reading the studies.”

In this instance, Dr. Kroom was able to restore the broken rib to it’s original state almost immediately. “It was so easy. I don’t know why surgeons train for so long. This is way easier. You don’t even have to see the patient.”

We caught up with David Gellar, the patient with the broken rib, and he did not share the same feelings. “It still hurts pretty damn bad! And who even is this radiologist? Don’t they just run the x-ray machine?” Dr. Kroom says he will not let Gellar’s response discourage him, as pain is subjective. Of note, Gellar had a bone protruding out of his chest when we talked with him.

We tried contacting the orthopedic surgery team to get their response, but they were not familiar with the term ‘computer’. Actually, ‘bone broke, must cut’ is all we could understand.

Dr. Kroom claims he will next attempt to re-attach amputated limbs with his fancy software. If that works, he may move to face transplants. He has always wanted to look like Dr. Derek Shepherd. White Coat Weekly would like to thank everyone involved in this case. We will now sign off.

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