Quick, New Method to Measure Blood Pressure is Now Being Tested

Atlanta, GA – An exciting study is taking place at an Atlanta area hospital this summer which aims to decrease arm discomfort during vital sign measurements. Nurses will begin putting blood pressure cuffs on patients’ necks to evaluate their blood pressure.

“Putting the cuff around the neck is quick and easy, so we are really excited about the study,” said Dan Sanderson, one of the lead nurse practitioners on the study. “When patients are wearing long sleeve shirts, it’s just so hard to get a good, accurate measurement around their arm.”

In the preliminary studies, literally every patient reported immediate light-headedness, tunnel vision, and passing out within the first 7-10 seconds. “We are trying not to get discouraged. We think there are just a few kinks to work out.”

Margaret James, an 85-year-old woman with a baseline blood pressure of 200/110, says she really likes the new method. “It used to squeeze my arm so hard! This way, I just start to feel sleepy and then I wake up a while later and it’s all over. I hope it becomes the standard, it’s actually kind of a rush!”

The hospital is reportedly also looking at testing whether the pulse oximeter can be placed directly on lung tissue for better measurements. White Coat Weekly would like to thank everyone involved for this interesting story. We will continue to follow.

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