Report: Everyone Talking Sh*t at Gastroenterology Conference

Detroit, MI – A flurry of activity disrupted downtown Detroit this week as word spread rapidly that a large group of doctors were ‘talking shit’. This did not sit well with local citizens, who quickly became defensive. A few doctors were harmed, but no injuries were too serious.

“I hate it when people talk shit!” said Max Hefferman, a local Detroit citizen. “They think they can just come to our city and belittle all of us?” As is usual these days, Hefferman and his gang did not wait to hear the full story before becoming extremely emotional and trying to put an end to the nonsense.

We caught up with a doctor at the event to hear their side. “We were just reviewing some of the latest indications for stool softeners, really thrilling stuff, when a group of guys burst in through the doors and started throwing punches!” said Dr. Leonard Watson. “Look at this bruise!”

Hefferman says that looking back, they probably should have gotten all of the facts first. “I guess it makes sense that poop doctors would be talking shit,” he said with a chuckle, “It did feel great to punch a doctor though.”

The doctors will not be pressing charges as long as Hefferman and his gang agree to receive colonoscopies for demonstrations during the last few days of the conference. White Coat Weekly is thankful for this interesting story and will continue to follow.

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