Neurosurgeon Accidentally Comes Home for Dinner

New York, NY – When Elizabeth Burrhole heard the front door open and close at 6:00 PM on a Tuesday night, she was confused. She and her kids had just set the table for dinner and were preparing to eat. Who could it possibly be?

“I was scared to be honest. I thought someone was breaking in!” Burrhole said. “Then when my husband came around the corner, I was even more scared. Why was he home? Did he get fired? Did he retire mid-procedure like his twin brother?” In their 20 years of marriage, he apparently hasn’t made it home for dinner yet. The Burrhole’s kids were also scared, who was that strange man in their kitchen?

We caught up with Dr. Burrhole who says the whole ordeal was a mistake. “It could happen to anyone,” he said, “I was looking down at my phone putting in orders and getting ready for my next case, and some subconscious autopilot made me just walk home!” Dr. Burrhole promised it will not happen again, as he will be more careful in the future.

The Burrholes had an awkward reunion for a few minutes until Dr. Burrhole said “Well, I guess I better get back home- er, I mean to the hospital! See you all at some point!” Luckily, no one was harmed in this event and everything went mostly back to normal.

White Coat Weekly would like to thank the Burrholes for this incredible story. We will now sign off.

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