FBI Accuses Chinese Manufactured Stethoscopes Of Espionage

Bethesda, MD – The Federal Bureau of Investigation made a shocking announcement this morning, accusing China of using stethoscopes sold to the U.S. for spying inside hospitals. The accusation specifically names Chinese medical manufacturer WeeCU Inc. but states that “other manufacturers are under investigation as well”. During the press announcement, the FBI mandated a full recall of all WeeCU Inc.’s latest model stethoscopes across the nation, with more possible recalls in the near future.

“It is alarming the level of stealth and sophistication the Chinese are using to spy now, by just looking at the stethoscope with your naked eye, you wouldn’t think anything was out of the ordinary,” stated Mark Niles, and FBI spokesperson.  “I mean sure there are little microphones and weird things all over it, but those could be for anything! We understood the recall would be a controversial move, but we must protect the integrity of sensitive U.S. medical information and patient data.”

The FBI reportedly began its investigation back in 2007, after a group of WeeCU manufacturing executives, touring U.S. hospitals, accidentally spilled a large bag full of cameras, wires, and large transmitters while witnessing a craniotomy.

WeeCU Inc. has formally denied the accusation, dismissing it as a ploy to protect U.S. medical manufacturing, which has lost tons of contracts over the last decade. When questioned about the accusation and recall, WeeCU Inc. released the following statement:

“We are proud of our equipment and the engineering that has gone into them. Our equipment is state of the art and years ahead of the competition. Our stethoscopes set the patient’s health as top priority and provide deep insight with its 3 cameras, 2 microphones, a quad-core processor, and 2 antennas for wifi and Bluetooth transmissions, we truly are leading the way into the future of medicine. We will fight this injustice with the strength and fury of a thousand dragons!”

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