Radiologist on Edge of Seat Watching Static Television

Phoenix, AZ – For years many have thought radiologists see things the rest of us don’t. We generally accept it and let them have their fun unless they try to start fixing things. Most of their images look like black and white spaghetti and it’s honestly just a mess anyway. A new story this week adds evidence to the theory the dark room enthusiasts may have a sixth sense.

Dr. Nathan Carbonera, a 45-year-old average male and radiologist, was trying to watch TV one night this week but his cable was out. To his wife’s surprise, he proceeded to watch the static-filled screen for the next 3 hours. “Wow,” he said, out of breath and shaking slightly at the end of the 3 hours, “that was the best damn movie I have ever seen. I can feel my heart fluttering. What a rush!” His wife says he was white-knuckle gripping her leg the entire time and kept jumping at what appeared to be random times. His kids were very scared at the end of the night.

“We are worried about our dad. He kept jumping off the couch and cheering for no reason. There is literally just static on the television.” said his 10-year-old son. Carbonera, however, states that he was just reacting the way anyone would to a thriller. “I don’t know how everyone else can’t see it, it’s so obvious – look! Right there. See there’s Nicholas Cage trying to kill somebody!” he then let out a cheer as Cage apparently ripped someone’s head off and proceeded to steal the Declaration of Independence.

In summary, we aren’t sure if Dr. Carbonera is having a psychotic break or if he really can see stuff the rest of us can’t. In reality, he is a radiologist so it’s probably a combination of both factors. I mean, who wouldn’t go a little crazy sitting in a dark room all day?

White Coat Weekly would like to thank the Carbonera family for this fascinating story. We will now sign off.

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