Snake On Rod Of Asclepius Burned Out, Tired Of Hanging On

Chicago, IL – The Rod of Asclepius consists of a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. It is often confused with the Caduceus, which will be important later in this story. As it turns out, the snake on this Rod is really burned out and may not be able to hang on much longer.

White Coat Weekly caught up with the snake this week and it wasn’t good. It looks thin and malnourished, and appears to have permanent muscle damage from being contorted in the same shape since the beginning of time. “When I took the gig, they told me it would just be for a few years. That was it, then they’d find a replacement,” the snake told us in a soft moan. “My back is killing me and I can’t even hiss properly anymore,” he said with a ragged, dusty cough. “Also, I haven’t had any form of intimacy in centuries.”

When asked what the main cause of his burnout was, the answer was somewhat surprising. “I sacrificed my entire life for this, and the Americans don’t even know I’m the symbol of medicine for hell’s sake! That stupid Caduceus sign has taken over. Ooooo real cool, 2 snakes instead of just 1!” we think he said sarcastically. The snake is right, the Caduceus is supposed to be a symbol of commerce. However, healthcare has become more of a business so maybe it is fitting after all.

The snake thinks he will be able to hold on maybe a few more months, at which point the medical symbol may just become a bare Rod. This could be good for urology, but we aren’t sure how it will affect other specialties. Let’s hope they can find a replacement!

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