HEARTBREAKING: Centipede Breaks All 100 Legs

Reston, VA – It is with profound sadness that White Coat Weekly reports a charming, young, vibrant centipede has broken all 100 legs. The centipede, Jeffery Inchenner, is currently at Reston Hospital Care’s Intensive Care Unit and is said to be in critical condition.

The heartbreaking accident occurred very early this morning around 4:30 AM EST. It is reported that Jeffery was munching on a leaf at Fairfax Park, when he devastatingly lost his footings and fell a whopping 182 centimeters to the pavement below. We spoke with Dr. Molassa, the chief surgeon at Reston Hospitals Surgical Center had this to say about the incident while still obviously very emotional:

Jefferey arrived with multiple fractures, severe internal trauma and tons of weird insect blood. My team and I worked tirelessly to save his life. Jefferey at this time remains stable, but it’s not uncommon for tides to change when injuries are this severe… God, this is all just so devastating…I’m sorry I can’t.

Dr. Molassa, Chief of Surgery

As many of our readers already know, Jeffery Inchenner won the heart of the nation and became of the worlds most famous insect when be became the first centipede to not only compete , but win the U.S. Cross Country Marathon, held in Colorado Springs. President Trump is expected to ask for a national moment of silence today during an already scheduled press conference this afternoon.

White Coat Weekly will donate all proceeds from ad revenue today towards Jefferey’s GoFundMe page, so please, click on any and all advertisements on our page…for Jefferey.

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