Surgeon Accidentally Leaves Ego Inside Patient

Chicago, IL – It happens all too often – a few days after surgery, a patient starts having pain, goes back to the doctor, and finds out some type of surgical instrument was left inside of them during surgery. A scalpel, a small piece of gauze, you get the picture. This time, however, a surgeon’s entire ego was left inside the patient.

Dr. Sal Khaliman started the day just like any other by complimenting himself 100 times in his bathroom mirror. He then headed to the hospital to perform what he thought would be a routine cardiac procedure. “Look, I do these procedures all the time with no complications,” he said flatly and with zero confidence due to no longer having his ego. “I think when I was finishing up the surgery, I just forgot to check if I got my ego back. It’s so big that it normally leaks out a little during surgery.”

Apparently, the 55-year-old patient noticed something was wrong when he started having abnormal swells of extreme arrogance a day or two after his procedure. “I thought I could do anything! I was about to do surgery on my cat on the kitchen table until my wife stopped me. I got angry and went outside and jumped off the house because I thought I could fly!” he said. His wife took him to the emergency department, at which point he was scanned and the retained ego was found in his chest. A small orb like structure containing Dr. Khaliman’s face could be seen in the middle of the chest.

Dr. Khaliman hopes that a second surgery to retrieve his ego will be successful so he can go back to his old arrogant self. “I can’t work like this, I need to believe that I am God when I operate!” he said. White Coat Weekly is grateful for this amazing story and will continue to follow.

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