REPORT: Trump Now Wants To Build Wall Out Of Blood-Brain Barrier

El Paso, TX – Everyone knows of Trump’s undying passion to build a border wall, it’s all he’s talked about for years. The Trump Administration has proposed several border wall prototypes and gone through various different plans, but Trump thinks they have finally figured it out. He wants to build the wall out of harvested blood-brain barriers.

“Look, everyone knows the blood-brain barrier is a great barrier. In fact it’s one of the best. It stops things, often a lot of things, some good some bad, but it stops them, okay? And it does a great job of stopping them,” President Trump told White Coat Weekly. “I realized, why would we not want one of the best stoppers? America is the best, so we should have the best. It’s going to stop the illegals and it’s going to stop them bigly.”

Trump originally got the idea when he was asking staff why he can’t get more false information into people’s heads. It was suggested that maybe the blood-brain barrier was stopping some of it, and that’s when he had the brilliant idea. “It just was so obvious. We make this wall out of this brain barrier thing, nothing’s getting in! AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN”

We are unsure of where or how President Trump plans on getting the blood-brain barriers, but leaked information seems to hint that he would harvest them from the immigrants already in detainment. He also plans to use Dr. Ben Carson to figure it out.

According to one report, one staffer brought up the fact that some drugs can actually get through the blood-brain barrier. Trump fired them on the spot and wiped everyone else’s memory. White Coat Weekly would like to thank everyone for this amazing story. We will continue to follow.

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