UNBELIEVABLE: Local Community Shocked Doctor’s Prediction Pretty Much Exactly Right

By: Millenial__MD

Portland, OR – Edward Nores – an 84-year-old retired cricket coach and local condominium board treasurer – has passed away peacefully this weekend after a few months of a very normal, age-related disease course that followed the exact pathway outlined by his physician months ago.

When Dr. Scott Mackay first met Mr. Nores and his family, he told them emphatically that this process would likely kill him, and that he expected Mr. Nores did not have more than a few months left to live. 

“You don’t know him. This guy is a fighter,” his nephew told us at the time. “He was never one to follow the conventional rules anyway.” Except this time, apparently. In fact, Mr. Nores’ course followed pretty much exactly what the highly trained medical professionals who had cared for him described.

When asked to explain this stunning accuracy, his doctor was at a loss for words. “To be honest I’ve never seen something quite like this before,” Dr. MacKay told us, “Usually there is some sport team final, or a God, or an important family heirloom that someone brings that causes a medical miracle and leaves me looking like a dope with his hand down his pants.”

“I am frankly baffled that I was right on this one,” McKay added.

Nores’ family and the community, however, are still choosing to recognize this as a medical miracle. “Things went exactly as planned. That’s got to be some type of miracle, right?” They expressed gratitude for the care he received at St. Vincent’s, while adding that they think that the doctor’s prediction was definitely nothing more than a coincidence.

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