Scientists Conclude Radiology Reading Rooms Are Black Holes

Houston, TX – Continuing advancements in technology allow scientists to make incredible discoveries regarding our universe. Widely publicized photos of a black hole took the internet by storm earlier this year, and since then scientists have discovered more black holes in locations that may surprise some – radiology reading rooms.

“They’ve been right under our noses this whole time!” said one NASA executive, “though, in our defense, we didn’t really know radiology was a thing. I couldn’t believe how far into the depths of hell we had to descend to find one of these ‘reading rooms’!” Strange energy signals have shown up in their system for years, but they just brushed it off as bad spirits from insurance companies.

One surgeon at a local hospital is not at all surprised with the discovery. “Every time I go in there, I feel a strong pull to stay. It’s really dark in there and there’s just a weird energy. Everything makes a little more sense now honestly.”

Dr. Monica Gonzales, a radiologist, said she kind of knew it all along. “There are so many people quitting other residencies and joining radiology, I always figured there had to be some sort of force pulling them in. Now it makes sense! Also, emergency physicians get sucked in with ordering so many scans. But now I know they can’t help it.”

The discovery isn’t expected to change much, but the black holes are predicted to keep growing. The volume of imaging at hospitals nationwide is far too massive to stop it now, so scientists think they will continue to grow until one day when they swallow everything.

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