Week Before Residency Starts, Overzealous Intern Already Found Bathroom

With less than a week to go until the infamous start date of new interns nationwide, many residency programs are well into their orientation process. It’s looking like this whole residency thing isn’t going to be a problem for one intern, however. He already knows where the bathroom is and residency hasn’t even officially started yet.

Dr. Kyle LaCrough, who will officially be a PGY-1 intern on Monday, July 1, was not shy in letting us know he is already ahead of the game. “I like to think I have the perfect mix of confidence and humility. Like could I do brain surgery right now? Probably not. But I already found the bathroom on my own and residency hasn’t even started yet! I’m just hoping my fellow interns can keep up with me,” said LaCrough.

Dr. Melissa Soares, LaCrough’s residency director, was somewhat impressed with his initiative. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone find the bathroom this early. I mean, he was pretty much just drawn straight to it. No one even had to show him,” she said. Soares added that his discovery is in no way, shape, or form a predictor of success as an intern, but she isn’t going to break that to him yet.

LaCrough’s co-interns were proud to be part of the big discovery, but they are all feeling a little behind now. “I’ll have to spend some time trying to find it on Monday I guess,” said one. “Hopefully it doesn’t put me too far behind.”

LaCrough said depending how he is feeling this weekend, he may try turning his pager on or logging into his computer. He doesn’t want to get burnt out too early, but he also doesn’t want to waste any opportunities. White Coat Weekly will continue to follow and update this inspiring story.

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