Nutritionists Successfully Halve Calories In Burger By Mixing It Around Like A Salad

Austin TX – Nutritional researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, in a 14 page study published yesterday afternoon, reportedly were able to reduce the amount of calories by half in a standard American cheeseburger by mixing it all around in a bowl like a salad.

The report claims that the burger, consisting of the standard sesame seed bun, beef, onions, tomato, pickles, and ketchup was exactly 865.4 calories. After this baseline had been established, researchers then toppled the burger over, separated its individual components, and cut them into very small pieces. They were then placed into a bowl and tossed with salad tossers. The caloric value of burger was again taken which measured to be 438 calories.

“We were absolutely blown away” said Dr. Fittbod “We all just looked at each other in disbelief thinking the same thing….’My God, we’ve done it’….”. Dr. Fittbod and is colleagues claim to have been able to replicate the effect with an astonishing 100% success rate stating:

“After replicating the burger experiment various times, we began to try other meals with similar results including nachos, pizza, and very large burritos. We believe this is a massive break through in the fight against the obesity epidemic”.

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