BREAKING: MRI of 54 year old male’s shoulder reported as normal.

By: @DrGolfShirt

The medical community is abuzz after the MRI of a 54 year-old Ontario man, Wade Lafreniere’s, right shoulder was reported as “normal”. To date, it is the first documented case of a normal shoulder MRI in a patient over the age of 30. Radiology was unable to list any pathology to rule out and clinical correlation was not recommended.  

Mr. Lafreniere, who had been dealing with a 6-week history of right shoulder pain, was initially referred by his family doctor to primary care sports medicine after his pain did not improve after a 2-day course of naproxen. When asked about the groundbreaking results and his new found internet fame, he said “This doesn’t make any sense, my shoulder still hurts. I thought MRIs were supposed to fix the problem?”

“It was unbelievable; I was so excited I called my golfing buddies to give them the good news” comments Dr. Daniel Deep, an Ontario based primary care sports medicine doctor and the ordering physician. “In all of my years of practice, I have never been genuinely surprised by a test result. I wasn’t even sure where to put the cortisone.” Dr. Deep decided to proceed with a contralateral shoulder injection, as a cortisone injection is a requirement of all sports medicine assessments. 

We reached out to the reporting radiologist, Harvard trained Dr. Kirsten Legge, for her account of the events: “It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It was as if Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man had been put through the scanner…to be honest, we actually didn’t believe it, I double checked the patient identifiers and we had our machine calibrated just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake”. Dr. Legge is making the most out of the results “We have already reviewed this case at rounds  3-weeks in a row, and we have 2 case-reports in the works as well. The medical community needs to know about this”.

Local Shoulder Orthopedic Surgeon, Auston Horner, was unable to be reached for comment as “He’s scrubbed in right now, do you want to speak to his resident?”. Our call was not returned.

What’s next for the “ageless man” you ask? Mr. Lafreniere has been invited to the Stanford Center on Longevity to be put through a battery of tests. The Stanford team will shift their focus to Wade’s knees, in hopes that MRIs will reveal the nonexistence of any meniscal tearing. Researchers are interested to determine if he is the missing link to the “fountain of youth”.

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