Internal Medicine Doc Absolutely Floored That Radiology Resident Knows What Blood Pressure Is

A local radiology resident was given the highly coveted “Resident of the Month” award earlier this week after a medicine attending wrote him one of the most positive nominations we have ever seen. Dr. Ryan Sterling was very honored to receive the ward, claiming it will take away a lot of the negative stereotype surrounding radiology.

“Everyone thinks radiologists sit in the dark and look at the computer all day,” said Sterling. “And they are absolutely right. However, we sometimes know some other stuff too.” Sterling says he received a call from Dr. Harrison Harrisons, an internist at his hospital who was requesting help with a patient’s scan. It was then that he was able to show off his knowledge.

“I said ‘hey, do you think you could give me a quick wet read on this patient?’, and he immediately responded by asking for the vital signs. Specifically blood pressure. I couldn’t believe it!” Harrisons told White Coat Weekly. “Sometimes the radiology attendings reach that level, but I’ve never seen it in a resident.”

Sterling said even he was shocked he was able to recall the term. “I have to give all the credit to my amazing intern year. Even though I was going into radiology, the docs there had high expectations of me. That’s where I really heard about blood pressure.”

Sterling has no specific plans for what he might do next to impress those who call into the reading room. “If I’m feeling crazy, I might mess around and request a patient’s TIMI Score.”

White Coat Weekly would like to thank everyone involved in this amazing story. We will continue to update.

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