How Different Types of Physicians React to “Is There A Doctor On Board!?”

We’ve all seen it happen. You’re 30,000 feet in the air in a metal tube with 300 other humans and 90-year-old Ms. Johnson starts having chest pain. Her husband is snoring and potentially dead himself, but the unfortunate kid sitting next to her alerts the flight crew. Next thing you know, an overhead page goes out asking who is going to step up and help the poor woman with her Bloody Mary induced panic attack.

How do different physicians (or other medical professionals) respond to this, you ask? Keep reading for a fun-filled GIF thread adventure.

First of all, we have the eager emergency physicians. They are first to stand up, usually saying something simple yet bold like “I got this”. Very Woody-esque.

Next we have the poor radiologist. I mean, are they even doctors? Controversial at best. Most radiologists haven’t seen their stethoscopes since the last time they saw a patient, which was sometime in the years B.C.

And then there’s surgery. Even if they don’t know what to do, they will be confident as hell. Never in doubt, sometimes wrong.

Next, we can’t forget the medical students. These sad humans are seemingly everywhere, and often have different responses to these types of situations. Our favorite are the overzealous, endearing type who want to help but maybe aren’t quite sure how yet:

Then there’s the pediatricians – great with kids, terrified of adults. For Ms. Johnson, she may be old enough to start reverting to childhood.

At any rate, during times like these we are grateful for anyone with the knowledge to help if possible (yes, even you radiology, dermatology, and ophthalmology).

For the full thread, check here.

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