Paleontology Consulted for 103-Year-Old Patient

Salt Lake City, UT – If you pass through a hospital for any significant amount of time, it’s not unlikely you’ll be seen by a few different doctors during your stay. This week, however, a less frequent consult was placed for an ancient man in the emergency department. Paleontology.

Dr. Mike Stego was working the night shift after just completing a rigorous series of morning, then afternoon, then morning, then overnight shifts. As he was getting things ready to leave, his last patient, a 103-year-old male, came through the doors.

“When I saw him, I definitely did a double take. Some people look good for their age, but he was the complete opposite of that. I couldn’t stop thinking how much he looked like a dinosaur!” said Stego.

The patient, Todd Rex, says it’s not the first time he has been mistaken for a prehistoric animal. His abnormally short forearms don’t help.

“I’m not well versed in treating dinosaurs, and I wasn’t sure any of my colleagues would be either. First, of course, I tried to just admit the patient to the hospitalists but they wouldn’t take him until I at least looked at the patient first,” continued Stego.

Stego finally decided that due to the age of the patient, he should consult a dinosaur specialist, so he called the Natural History Museum of Utah.

“They didn’t even sound surprised. Said they’d be right now, so I guess we will see what they say,” Stego continued. We are standing by to witness the consult as it happens.

Dr. Stego says if it turns out he’s actually a dinosaur, he will definitely be writing a case report.

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