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What Keeps Each Medical Specialty in Business?

Author: @DrGolfShirt

Ortho: Trampoline Parks

Dermatology: Tanning Beds

Emerge: Alcohol

Family Medicine: WebMD

Sports Med: Crossfit

Medicine: Smoking

Urology: Calcium Oxalate

Psych: Social Media

Cardiology: Bacon

Trauma: 2nd Amendment

Anesthesia: Sudoku

Radiology: CT next to the ER

ENT: Nose Picking

New On-Call-ogist Really Misunderstood His Job Title

Orlando, FL – Recently, an oncologist (cancer doctor) from New York City was tired of his job and looking for a fresh start. He searched all over the country and thought he had found the perfect position in Florida. He was in for quite a surprise, however, when he realized he forgot to read the actual job title, which was for an On-Call-ogist.

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