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What Keeps Each Medical Specialty in Business?

Author: @DrGolfShirt

Ortho: Trampoline Parks

Dermatology: Tanning Beds

Emerge: Alcohol

Family Medicine: WebMD

Sports Med: Crossfit

Medicine: Smoking

Urology: Calcium Oxalate

Psych: Social Media

Cardiology: Bacon

Trauma: 2nd Amendment

Anesthesia: Sudoku

Radiology: CT next to the ER

ENT: Nose Picking

Emergency Department Celebrates Independence, Secedes From Hospital

Amarillo, TX – In a not-so-stunning move, an emergency department in Texas has formally seceded from the hospital it’s connected to. The emergency physicians claim to be sick of everyone’s crap and state they can do everything just as good as any specialist.

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BREAKING: New Emergency Medicine Uniforms Unveiled for Western U.S.

Denver, CO – An exciting update to male emergency medicine physician uniforms, mostly in the Western United States, was announced this week by the American College of Emergency Physicians. This comes just one day after another exciting announcement in the field. What a week! Anyways, say goodbye to a full set of boring scrubs, and say hello to khakis, boots, and more!

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Emergency Department Unveils Bold New Stethoscope

Denver, CO – The chants of “What do we want? CT SCANS! When do we want them? NOW!” could be heard echoing around a Denver hospital this morning. The unveiling of a much anticipated stethoscope finally took place, one that is sure to make it even easier and quicker for physicians to get CT scans. The bold new design features an actual scanner where the bell/diaphragm traditionally sit.

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