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Scientists Conclude Radiology Reading Rooms Are Black Holes

Houston, TX – Continuing advancements in technology allow scientists to make incredible discoveries regarding our universe. Widely publicized photos of a black hole took the internet by storm earlier this year, and since then scientists have discovered more black holes in locations that may surprise some – radiology reading rooms.

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Radiologist on Edge of Seat Watching Static Television

Phoenix, AZ – For years many have thought radiologists see things the rest of us don’t. We generally accept it and let them have their fun unless they try to start fixing things. Most of their images look like black and white spaghetti and it’s honestly just a mess anyway. A new story this week adds evidence to the theory the dark room enthusiasts may have a sixth sense.

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Emergency Department Unveils Bold New Stethoscope

Denver, CO – The chants of “What do we want? CT SCANS! When do we want them? NOW!” could be heard echoing around a Denver hospital this morning. The unveiling of a much anticipated stethoscope finally took place, one that is sure to make it even easier and quicker for physicians to get CT scans. The bold new design features an actual scanner where the bell/diaphragm traditionally sit.

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Man Uses “Throckmorton Sign” to Make All Major Life Decisions

Cockeysville, MD – Throckmorton sign has long been used as a joke in the field of radiology and refers to the phenomenon when the penis ‘points’ to the same side as the patient’s pathology, such as a broken bone, on an imaging study. To local citizen Peter Johnson, however, the sign is anything but a joke.

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Radiologist Fixes Broken Bone Using Photoshop

Rochester, MN – It has long been known that radiologists aren’t often on the front lines of medicine doing chest compressions or performing urgent surgeries. In fact, many people wonder if radiologists are even doctors at all. However, one radiologist, Dr. Dar Kroom, is doing everything he can to change that. This week he fixed a broken rib that was protruding through the skin using photoshop as he was reading a chest x-ray.

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Election Watch 2020: Radiologist’s Chair has so Much [Lumbar] Support, It’s Running for President

Gary, IN – The increasingly intense race for the most important seat in the world just got a little more crowded by today’s announcement of a new candidate, which appears to be a literal seat. Dr. Lawrence Costas, a local radiologist, announced that his new office chair has so much back support, he doesn’t see why it shouldn’t run for President.

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