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Why Trump’s Medical Advice Doesn’t Fall On Deaf Ears

Author: @THORtho

It has become glaringly apparent that some international leaders have had sign language interpreters for their COVID-19 updates while others have not.  Justin Trudeau of Canada has had two, one for English and one for French.  Donald Trump has notably had none.  Also recently absent from President Trump’s briefings was Dr. Fauci.  

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Thousands of Ribs Cracked After Everyone Accidentally Starts CPR at Bee Gees Concert

Omaha, NE – Anyone who has taken a CPR course knows chest compressions occur at about the same rate as the beat in the Bee Gees hit song “Stayin’ Alive”. Unfortunately, concertgoers got a little too excited once the song started playing at a show earlier this week.

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Surgeon Accidentally Leaves Ego Inside Patient

Chicago, IL – It happens all too often – a few days after surgery, a patient starts having pain, goes back to the doctor, and finds out some type of surgical instrument was left inside of them during surgery. A scalpel, a small piece of gauze, you get the picture. This time, however, a surgeon’s entire ego was left inside the patient.

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HEARTBREAKING: Centipede Breaks All 100 Legs

Reston, VA – It is with profound sadness that White Coat Weekly reports a charming, young, vibrant centipede has broken all 100 legs. The centipede, Jeffery Inchenner, is currently at Reston Hospital Care’s Intensive Care Unit and is said to be in critical condition.

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